10. Vitality

Vitality believes that what’s beneficial for business is ultimately good for customers too (“good for them, good for us, good for society”). Dave Priestley, Chief Digital Officer, told InsurTech Digital that insurance had remained in a state of stasis for too long; Vitality is striving to redress the balance by emphasising active customer well being instead of simply providing cover. 

The company’s member app incentivises healthy living by setting wellbeing targets (such as a pre-set amount of exercise) and providing rewards for those met by users, including free coffee, movie downloads and more. It’s an exciting idea and one we hope catches on as the paradigm for insurance operations continues to evolve.

Key quote: “If you just concentrate on trying to deliver value for your customers and creating an exceptional experience, more often than not, you're going to do the right thing” - Dave Priestley, Chief Digital Officer

Insurance type: Life and health

CEO: Neville Koopwitz